Interview with Hala Saleh of NomNomFinder App

Has this ever happened to you?

I was stopped at a red light and a group of food trucks catch my eye on the corner. Bummer! I already ate lunch and that burrito-yumminess-food-truck looked awesome! I wish I had known that these food trucks were just down the street… I would’ve gone there for lunch instead!

Interestingly enough¬†NomNomFinder App founder, Hala Saleh, has had the same challenges about not knowing where local food trucks are located. So, what did she do about it? She went to Startup Weekend Provo, put together a team, and NomNom Finder is well on it’s way to being created.

I love when people fill a need for connecting people to good healthy food. Not saying that all food trucks are healthy food, but often these one-off mobile restaurants are much healthier than many other fast food options. Thank you, Hala, for following your “gut” on this one and working to create cool new app! (OK, that was pretty cheesy, but I couldn’t help myself!)

Check out my interview with Hala about her interest in healthy food and desire to connect food truck operators with their hungry customers.

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