new green smothie

Recipe: New Green Smoothie

  • By Jennifer
  • 24 April, 2017
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Start your week off with a nutrient packed green smoothie… You’ll feel awesome! Today’s green smoothie recipe: 3 kale leaves 1 banana 10 baby carrots 1 apple 1 cup pineapple orange juice 1 cup water 2 cup ice Blend in your Blendtec until smooth and enjoy … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Another green smoothie

Half way through an awesome week! Veggies and fruit keeping me healthy and strong. Today’s green smoothie includes:Collard greensAppleOrangeHalf avocadoWhite grape juiceWater and ice

Recipe: Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast is served! Start your day off healthy: good fuel in = good output Spinach, apple juice, avocado, peach, berries, cantaloupe, water, ice

Recipe: Smoothies

A week of green smoothies! One of the things I missed the most while gone to Seattle was my Blendtec… Should’ve just packed it along with me! greens collard greens … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Juice

Enjoying my juice so much, that I almost forgot to take a picture before it was gone – ha! Thanks @beckiann13 for the delicious way to start my morning! Ingredients: … Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Temecula Valley Cheese – California

Cheese sampler platter from the Temecula Valley Cheese Co Cave aged Gruyere from Alpine, Swiss and Brebis aged sheep milk cheese from Spain. Dried apricot, olives, apple, berries and sourdough bread … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Green Smoothie

Kale, orange, raspberry, apple, and mango juice. Awesome way to start the day!

Recipe: Apple Pecan Quinoa

Serves 8 INGREDIENTS: 2 cups red quinoa 1 apple small dice 1/2 cup chopped pecan 1/4 cup raisins 1/4 cup currants 1 avocado cubed DIRECTIONS: Prepare quinoa using directions on … Continue Reading →