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Product Review: Volker Bakery bread

  • By Jennifer
  • 24 April, 2017
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While attendingĀ Prepper Con, I bought my first loaf of Volker Bakery bread… the cranberry orange loaf. Holy-yumminess-Batman! Made fantastic french toast that was adult and kid approved! šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ Well done … Continue Reading →



I loveĀ avocados. LOVE might be a better way to express my deep infatuation with thisĀ deliciousĀ andĀ nutrientĀ rich food. Thank you, God, for creating thisĀ fruit! A few of my favorite ways to enjoyĀ avocado: … Continue Reading →

Egg Salad Sandwich

Lucky baby gets fresh bread from Aunt @ecoons2… Perfectly timed for an egg salad sandwich lunch. Your bread is fantastic! Thanks much!

Recipe: White bean and Kale Soup

Vegan white bean and kale soup lovingly prepared by a friend… Avocado toast made with fresh sourdough bread expertly made by another friend. I sure do pick my friends wisely!

Local bakery bread

Local bakeries produce some of the most interesting breads. The quality is higher than store bought and the flavor is usually more robust because the ingredients are fresher. This usually … Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Subway – Utah

I was running between appointments starving but needed something fast for Ā lunch. So, thought I’d give Subway another try. Pleasantly surprised to find they have a Veggie Patty option now. … Continue Reading →