Recipe: Loaded Salad

  • By Jennifer
  • 10 June, 2017
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Loaded salads are baaack! I remember planning for a vegan pregnancy. 2 months into the pregnancy and I craved a hamburger. I still ate a lot of #veggies and fruit, but meat was back on … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Stuffed Bell Pepper and Steamed Asparagus

  • By Jennifer
  • 1 April, 2017
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Healthy veggie based meal: stuffed bell pepper and steamed asparagus. Ingredients: 4 yellow bell peppers, tops cut out and seeds rinsed out 1 package of saffron rice, prepared per package … Continue Reading →

Cooking Tip

Kitchen clutter will stop you from wanting to cook. Look for ways to organize your kitchen and dining space. A few examples: 🔪Organize your cooking knives and get rid of … Continue Reading →


It’s that lovely time of year when asparagus is in season! Delicate but bursting with flavor, add asparagus to your menu. My local grocer (Winco) has it on sale for … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Soup

  • By Jennifer
  • 25 January, 2017
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When a head cold hits, all I want is soup. For a quick recipe try adding vegetable dumplings and broccoli to ramen noodles. A little sriracha or hoisin to spice … Continue Reading →

School lunch?!

My son’s school lunch today: mystery meat ravioli, potato wedges, strawberry milk and apple slices. I asked him, “Do you like school lunch?”. His response coupled with wrinkled up nose, … Continue Reading →

Little Miss: prunes and banana

  • By Jennifer
  • 23 May, 2016
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Vegan breakfast for baby and mommy. Little Miss: prunes and banana Mommy: green smoothie with kale, apple juice, mango, cherries,  orange

Recipe: Smoothie 8

  • By Jennifer
  • 13 January, 2016
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Showing the baby how to make a green smoothie this morning. Collard greens Kale Clementines Pear Banana Apple juice, water, and ice. Good fuel for a healthy baby!

Recipe: Another green smoothie

Half way through an awesome week! Veggies and fruit keeping me healthy and strong. Today’s green smoothie includes:Collard greensAppleOrangeHalf avocadoWhite grape juiceWater and ice

Recipe: Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast is served! Start your day off healthy: good fuel in = good output Spinach, apple juice, avocado, peach, berries, cantaloupe, water, ice