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Lemon Spinach with Dijon Balsamic Dressing

  • By Jennifer
  • 8 July, 2017
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I’ve never tried lemon spinach before. Packed with lots of citrus flavors, this leafy green made a wonderful tart salad. Wish I bought more at the Farmer’s Market so I … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast is served! Start your day off healthy: good fuel in = good output Spinach, apple juice, avocado, peach, berries, cantaloupe, water, ice

Recipe: Smoothie 6

  • By Jennifer
  • 14 September, 2014
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Sometimes a fruit is about to spoil, so that’s a great time to use it all up in a green smoothie. I had half a container of blueberries that were … Continue Reading →

Healthy travel eating tip

A great meal when on the run at the airport, the Veg Up! Bagel Sandwich at Einstein’s is a yummy quick treat. Instead of getting the cream cheese veggie schmear, … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Smoothies

A week of green smoothies! One of the things I missed the most while gone to Seattle was my Blendtec… Should’ve just packed it along with me! greens collard greens … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Green Smoothie 4

I think I’ve found a green smoothie combination that makes my heart sing! Ingredients: spinach, watermelon, banana, orange, avocado, apple juice, chia seed, ice water … Literally skipped out of … Continue Reading →

Holiday healthy eating tip

Happy holidays! Face it, you’re going to eat a lot of bad for you food during the holidays. With all the butter, sugar, flour and meat products, I think that … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Chocolate peanut butter green smoothie

This smoothie is almost like eating a peanut butter cup, but it’s actually good for you! Serves 2 (28 ounce servings) INGREDIENTS: 2 cups frozen blueberries 3 medjool dates, pitted … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Grapefruit Smoothie

Todays breakfast smoothie to start off a productive weekend! INGREDIENTS: 5 ounces spinach 2 leaves kale 1 cup frozen berry mix 1 cup fresh grapes 1 pink grapefruit, peeled 1 … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Green Smoothie

Todays green smoothie brought by: Outstanding orange Super strawberries Powerful pear Bold banana Rockin’ raspberries Strong spinach Cool collard greens. Topped off with a splash of peppy pomegranate juice and … Continue Reading →