Cherry season is here, heralding summer! A few ways to enjoy this little treat: 🍒 Keep a bowl on the kitchen counter for a quick sweet treat. 🍒 Cut in half, pitted … Continue Reading →



I love avocados. LOVE might be a better way to express my deep infatuation with this delicious and nutrient rich food. Thank you, God, for creating this fruit! A few of my favorite ways to enjoy avocado: … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Smoothie 7

  • By Jennifer
  • 25 January, 2017
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Today’s green smoothie #recipe: 1.5 frozen banana 1 cup frozen pineapple 1 cup tart cherry juice 1 cup water 1 cup ice 2 kale stalks Blend until smooth This one … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Another green smoothie

Half way through an awesome week! Veggies and fruit keeping me healthy and strong. Today’s green smoothie includes:Collard greensAppleOrangeHalf avocadoWhite grape juiceWater and ice

Recipe: Adding Tart to Green Smoothie

  • By Jennifer
  • 20 October, 2014
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Adding a little zing and tartness to my green smoothie today! Try adding tart cherry juice to your green smoothie next time. Recipe includes: kale, banana, Golden Delicious apple, Tart … Continue Reading →

Caption this!

  • By Jennifer
  • 19 October, 2014
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LOL! Caption this banana with attitude…

Recipe: Smoothie 6

  • By Jennifer
  • 14 September, 2014
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Sometimes a fruit is about to spoil, so that’s a great time to use it all up in a green smoothie. I had half a container of blueberries that were … Continue Reading →


White peaches are evidence that God loves us….

Holiday healthy eating tip

Happy holidays! Face it, you’re going to eat a lot of bad for you food during the holidays. With all the butter, sugar, flour and meat products, I think that … Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Finca – Utah

Restaurant review: Finca is a little slice of Spanish divine cuisine in Sugar House. Met a friend for business lunch to discuss my upcoming trip to Spain (stay tuned for awesome restaurant reviews in late December). James Gehrke is quite the foodie too, so I knew this would be … Continue Reading →