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Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

  • By Jennifer
  • 26 June, 2017
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Dinner is going to be good when there are roasted Brussels Sprouts as a side dish! Ingredients: 4 cups of Brussels Sprouts, rinsed, ends cut off, cut in half 1/4 cup olive … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Stuffed Bell Pepper and Steamed Asparagus

  • By Jennifer
  • 1 April, 2017
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Healthy veggie based meal: stuffed bell pepper and steamed asparagus. Ingredients: 4 yellow bell peppers, tops cut out and seeds rinsed out 1 package of saffron rice, prepared per package … Continue Reading →

Easy Chicken Tika Masala for Dinner

Working full time out of the house and raising a family has it’s own challenges. One of those challenges is meal preparation. Wherever I can cut corners to save on … Continue Reading →

Creamy Cauliflower Soup

I could probably eat soup everyday of my life! Creamy soups, broth soups, stews and chilis… doesn’t matter what type of soup it is, I just love them! Here’s a … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Lentil Potato Soup

  • By Jennifer
  • 10 October, 2014
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My kitchen tonight: Lentil Potato Soup. Green Curry Thai Eggplant with black rice. Coconut, Curry, Carrot Soup. And I haven’t even started the new gluten free flatbread recipe.

Cooking Tip: Vegetable Organization

  • By Jennifer
  • 30 September, 2014
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Healthy cooking tip: How do you keep your counter organized while chopping lots of veggies for a soup?

Restaurant Review: Taco Janes – California

Taco Janes in San Anselmo! I’ve heard great things about Taco Janes in San Anselmo for years, so I was pleased to join my mom her long time BFFs for … Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Gingers – Utah

Looking for a healthy dinner out and kid friendly? Check out Ginger’s Cafe in Springville. The #vegan nachos are the best I’ve ever had! The falafel wrap and veggie wrap … Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Oasis Cafe – Utah

Dinner at Oasis Cafe in SLC. Wonderful vegan, vegetarian and meat eater options. Always great service. Udon tempeh with peanut sauce… Grilled salmon… Mediterranean Salad. Great way to follow-up an … Continue Reading →

Recipe: Lentil Soup

Dinner is served! Lentil soup is a healthy, easy dish to make. Bonus is that lentils are found all over the world! So wherever your travels take you, you’ll have … Continue Reading →